Stand-Alone Dies Quick Order

Item SKU Price Qty
2020 Trinity Mini Tag Collection Die Set

TMD-085 $15.99
4-Bar Card Die Set

TMD-017 $17.99
4-Bar Envelope Builder Die Set

TMD-119 $35.99
A-2 Coverplate Die: Quilted Cover

TCP-002 $19.99
A-7 Diamond Eyelet Background Die

TMD-165 $27.99
A-7 Envelope Builder Die Set

TMD-079 $45.99
A-7 Modern Embossed Layers Die Set

TMD-077 $27.99
A-7 Snowflake Frame Die Set

TMD-110 $28.99
A-7 Spring Birch Die

TMD-123 $29.99
Acorn Cluster Cut & Foil Die Set

TMD-160 $17.99
Argyle Stitch Background Die

TMD-166 $24.99
Aster Blooms Cut & Foil Die Set

TMD-158 $21.99
Beautiful Betta Foil & Cut Die Set

TMD-136 $13.99
Beautiful Harvest Foiling Die

TMD-154 $16.99
Blooming Circle Window Cut Out Die

TMD-129 $8.99
Boo Brew Die Set

TMD-088 $18.99
Bottle Gift Tag Die Set

TMD-114 $21.99
Bunch of Balloons Stand-Alone Die Set

TMD-029 $19.99
Cafe Cup Cutout Die

TMD-097 $8.99
Celebration Balloons Die Set

TMD-148 $26.99
Center Stage Interactive Add-On Die Set

TMD-091 $33.99
Center Stage Slimline Die Set

TMD-066 $35.99
Cheers Die Set

TMD-112 $22.99
Christmas Tree Cut Out Die

TMD-115 $10.99
Coffee Mug Card Die Set

TMD-002 $29.99
ConGRADulations Die Set

TMD-134 $10.99
Creepy Cocktails Die Set

TMD-090 $12.99
Cupcake Card Die Set

TMD-142 $35.99
Cut & Foil Autumn Rainbow Die Set

TMD-096 $18.99
Cut & Foil Big Celebrate Die Set

TMD-084 $21.99
Cut & Foil Big Hello Die Set

TMD-083 $21.99
Cut & Foil Big Joy Die Set

TMD-101 $11.99
Cut & Foil Big Snowflake Die Set

TMD-108 $24.99
Cut & Foil Big Thanks Die Set

TMD-082 $21.99
Cut & Foil Coffee Die Set

TMD-098 $22.99
Cut & Foil Maple Leaf Die Set

TMD-094 $19.99
Cut & Foil Oak Leaf Die Set

TMD-095 $12.99
Cut & Foil Season's Greetings Script Die Set

TMD-102 $15.99
Fairy Trio Die Set

TMD-125 $8.99
Foil & Cut Party Balloons

TMD-149 $22.99
Foiling Florals Foil and Cut Die

TMD-124 $24.99
Glory In The Highest Die Set

TMD-106 $15.99
Graham Cracker Alphabet Die Set

TMD-064 $8.99
Grateful Sentiment Die Set

TMD-163 $8.99
Halloween Cup Dress-Up Die Set

TMD-089 $8.99
Happy Little Tree Farm Die Set

TMD-043 $16.99
Haunted Hill Die Set

TMD-155 $23.99
Haunted House Cut Out Die

TMD-152 $9.99
Hello Boo-tiful Sentiment Die

TMD-038 $11.99
Holiday Tag Die Set

TMD-118 $9.99
Ice Cream Cone Die Set

TMD-147 $14.99
Intertwined Heart Die

TMD-058 $9.99
Island Oasis Cut Out Die

TMD-138 $8.99
Large Branch Die

TMD-162 $12.99
Lighthouse Die Set

TMD-141 $9.99
Man in the Moon Cut & Foil Die Set

TMD-153 $8.99
Marshmallow Alphabet Die Set

TMD-018 $34.99
Marshmallow Numbers Die Set

TMD-040 $21.99
Merry Christmas Senti-mini Die Set

TMD-C19 $11.99
Mini Coffee Cup Sleeve and Decor Die Set

TMD-001 $19.99
Mini Slimline Blossom Die

TMD-121 $15.99
Mini Slimline Celtic Twist Die

TMD-117 $14.99
Mini Slimline Clean and Simple Panels Die Set

TMD-035 $14.99
Mini Slimline Dainty Scallop Edge Die Set

TMD-073 $14.99
Mini Slimline Disco Ball Die

TMD-116 $14.99
Mini Slimline Geometric Cut Out Panel Die

TMD-103 $15.99
Mini Slimline Monstera Die

TMD-140 $14.99
Mini Slimline Oak Leaf Panel Die

TMD-093 $14.99
Mini Slimline Star Trio Panel Die

TMD-086 $14.99
Mini Slimline Woven Die

TMD-128 $15.99
Mini-Slimline Stitched Layers Stack Die Set

TMD-075 $14.99
Modern Embossed Alphabet Die Set

TMD-144 $23.99
Modern Embossed Numbers Die Set

TMD-145 $8.99
Moonlit Town Cutout Die

TMD-099 $11.99
Mr. & Mrs. Die Set

TMD-133 $6.99
Nested Hearts - 4 Piece Die Set

TMD-016 $17.99
Oval Foliage Cut Out Die Set

TMD-130 $17.99
Pillow Gift Box Die Set

TMD-111 $28.99
Popsicle Die Set

TMD-146 $16.99
Pumpkinhead Coordinating Die Set

TSS-C024 $9.99
Ripe Pumpkin Cut & Foil Die Set

TMD-159 $24.99
Scripty Birthday Stand-Alone Die Set

TMD-030 $11.99
Scripty Christmas Die Set

TMD-044 $9.99
Scripty Heart Die Set

TMD-060 $11.99
Scripty Holidays Die Set

TMD-045 $9.99
Scripty Love Die Set

TMD-059 $11.99
Scripty Mother's Day Die Set

TMD-131 $13.99
Scripty New Year Die Set

TMD-113 $9.99
Scripty Thanks Stand-Alone Die Set

TMD-039 $13.99
Scripty Wedding Day Die Set

TMD-132 $13.99
Seashell Cut & Foil Die Set

TMD-139 $14.99
Season's Bounty Cut & Foil Die Set

TMD-161 $13.99
Seasonal (Mini) Cup Decor & More Die Set

TMD-008 $24.99
Sending Hugs Die Set

TMD-013 $11.99
Shimmering Sea Foil Die

TMD-137 $13.99
Shimmering Winds Foiling Die

TMD-151 $15.99
Simply Sentimental - Happy Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C161 $13.99
Simply Sentimental - Hello Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C160 $15.99
Simply Sentimental - Love Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C169 $16.99
Simply Sentimental - Thanks Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C162 $16.99