Stand-Alone Dies Quick Order

Item SKU Price Qty
4-Bar Envelope Builder Die Set

TMD-119 $35.99
A-2 Clean Cut Layers Rectangle Set A Die Set

TMD-206 $18.99
A-2 Clean Cut Layers Rectangle Set B Die Set

TMD-207 $17.99
A-2 Envelope Builder Die Set

TMD-260 $39.99
A-2 Foil Borders Foiling Stamp Set

TMD-203 $23.99
A-2 Modern Embossed Rectangle Stack Die Set

TMD-057 $19.99
A-7 Diamond Eyelet Background Die

TMD-165 $27.99
A-7 Envelope Builder Die Set

TMD-079 $45.99
A-7 Modern Embossed Layers Die Set

TMD-077 $27.99
A-7 Spring Birch Die

TMD-123 $29.99
Acorn Cluster Cut & Foil Die Set

TMD-160 $17.99
Apple Of My Eye Die Set

TMD-236 $16.99
Argyle Stitch Background Die

TMD-166 $24.99
Art Deco Dance Foil Plate

TMD-194 $26.99
Aster Blooms Cut & Foil Die Set

TMD-158 $21.99
At the Cross Die Set

TMD-282 $12.99
Autumn Rainbow Cut & Foil Die Set

TMD-096 $18.99
Baby Bottle Shaker Die Set

TMD-293 $11.99
Backyard BBQ Die Set

TMD-219 $21.99
Banner Builder Die Set

TMD-227 $12.99
Beary Cute Layered Mug Die Set

TMD-209 $19.99
Beautiful Betta Foil & Cut Die Set

TMD-136 $13.99
Beautiful Harvest Foiling Die

TMD-154 $16.99
Big Bows Little Bows Foiling Die set

TMD-167 $23.99
Big Celebrate Cut & Foil Die Set

TMD-084 $21.99
Big Easter Cut & Foil Die Set

TMD-198 $14.99
Big Hello Cut & Foil Die Set

TMD-083 $21.99
Big Joy Cut & Foil Die Set

TMD-101 $11.99
Big Snowflake Cut & Foil Die Set

TMD-108 $24.99
Big Thanks Cut & Foil Die Set

TMD-082 $21.99
BirthYAY Balloon Die Set

TMD-222 $11.99
Bitty Tags Die Set

TMD-246 $12.99
Blooming Circle Window Cut Out Die

TMD-129 $8.99
Blossom Mini Slimline Die

TMD-121 $15.99
Boo Brew Die Set

TMD-088 $18.99
Bottle Gift Tag Die Set

TMD-114 $21.99
Build A Big Top Die Set

TMD-067 $25.00
Bunch of Bows Die Set

TMD-041 $8.00
Bunny Egg Shaker Die Set

TMD-199 $11.99
Cafe Cup Cutout Die

TMD-097 $8.99
Cat & Dog Layered Mug Add-on Die Set

TMD-210 $11.99
Celebration Balloons Die Set

TMD-148 $26.99
Cell Phone Mini Slimline Die Set

TMD-271 $16.99
Center Burst Die Set

TMD-070 $15.99
Center Stage Slimline Die Set

TMD-066 $35.99
Cheers Die Set

TMD-112 $22.99
Chocolate Bunny Embossed Detail Die Set

TMD-200 $8.99
Christmas Tree Cut Out Die

TMD-115 $10.99
Circle Shaped Card Die Set

TMD-270 $29.99
Clean and Simple Mini Slimline Panels Die Set

TMD-035 $14.99
Clean Cut Layers- Circles Set A Die Set

TMD-213 $27.99
Clean Cut Layers- Circles Set B Die Set

TMD-214 $26.99
Clover Background Foil Plate

TMD-190 $24.99
Coffee Cozy Hand-Stitching Die Set

TMD-042 $35.00
Coffee Cut & Foil Die Set

TMD-098 $22.99
Coffee Mug Card Die Set

TMD-002 $29.99
ConGRADulations Die Set

TMD-134 $10.99
Cool Clipboard Die Set

TMD-241 $15.99
Creepy Candy Apple Add-On Die Set

TMD-237 $24.99
Creepy Cocktails Die Set

TMD-090 $12.99
Crosses Cut-Out Die Set

TMD-283 $8.99
Cupcake Card Die Set

TMD-142 $35.99
Dainty Egg Layers Die Set

TMD-201 $12.99
Dainty Ghost Die

TMD-243 $12.99
Dainty Heart Die Set and Foil Plate

TMD-186 $12.99
Dainty Scallop Circle Die Set

TMD-172 $17.99
Dainty Scallop Edge Mini Slimline Die Set

TMD-073 $14.99
Dainty Scallop Edge Slimline Die Set

TMD-072 $24.99
Dainty Scallop Rectangles (A-2 Sized) Die Set

TMD-173 $17.99
Disco Ball Mini Slimline Die

TMD-116 $14.99
Doodle Car Die Set. *Craft Roulette Collection*

TMD-287 $15.99
Eerie Eyes Cut-Out Die Set

TMD-242 $9.99
Embossed Circle Window Panel Die Slimline

TMD-071 $23.99
Embossed Edge Hills & Slopes Die Set

TMD-251 $22.99
Envelope Builder Add-On Die Set Slimline

TMD-036 $24.99
Envelope Builder Die Set Slimline

TMD-020 $49.99
Fairy Trio Die Set

TMD-125 $8.99
Falling Snow Foiling Plate

TMD-171 $26.99
Fantastic Fronds Slimline Die

TMD-122 $24.99
Floral Swag Slimline Die

TMD-127 $28.99
Floral Twinkle Slimline Die

TMD-126 $24.99
Foiled Burst Foiling Stamp

TMD-202 $19.99
Foiled Christmas Sentiment Cut & Foil Die Set

TMD-252 $15.99
Foiled Circle Outline Stack Hot Foil Dies

TMD-212 $19.99
Foiled Fish- Cut & Foil Die Set

TMD-224 $14.99
Foiled Floral Corners Cut & Foil Die Set

TMD-205 $9.99
Foiled Floral Egg Cut & Foil Die Set

TMD-284 $18.99
Foiled Floral Mom Sentiment Cut & Foil

TMD-204 $13.99
Foiled Pine - Cut & Foil Die Set

TMD-168 $14.99
Foiling Florals Foil and Cut Die

TMD-124 $24.99
Foliage Frame Slimline Die Set

TMD-024 $24.99
Forest Border Slimline Die Set

TMD-104 $24.99
Freezin' Season Mug Add-On Die Set

TMD-247 $15.99
Friendly Fish Die Set

TMD-233 $10.99
Frosty Foiled Flakes Foil and Cut Die Set

TMD-257 $29.99
Garden Flowers Die Set - Lynda Kanase Collection

TMD-291 $29.99
Geometric Cut Out Mini Slimline Panel Die

TMD-103 $15.99