Stand-Alone Dies Quick Order

Item SKU Price Qty
Oval Foliage Cut Out Die Set

TMD-130 $17.99
Party Balloons Cut & Foil Die Set

TMD-149 $22.99
Picket Fence Cut Out Die Set

TMD-197 $9.99
Pillow Gift Box Die Set

TMD-111 $28.99
Polar Bear Pair Die Set

TMD-175 $11.99
Popsicle Die Set

TMD-146 $16.99
Pumpkinhead Coordinating Die Set

TSS-C024 $9.99
Quilted Cover Slimline Die

TCP-003 $24.99
Racetrack Heart Die Set

TMD-181 $8.99
Ray Bow Die Set

TMD-189 $23.99
Ripe Pumpkin Cut & Foil Die Set

TMD-159 $24.99
Rooftops Border Slimline Die

TMD-049 $14.99
Row of Hearts Die

TMD-182 $5.99
Sakura Blooms Cut & Foil Die Set

TMD-196 $15.99
Santa Mug Die Set

TMD-180 $29.99
Scalloped Card Panels and Banners Slimline Die Set

TMD-011 $24.99
Scripty Birthday Stand-Alone Die Set

TMD-030 $11.99
Scripty Christmas Die Set

TMD-044 $9.99
Scripty Heart Die Set

TMD-060 $11.99
Scripty Holidays Die Set

TMD-045 $9.99
Scripty Love Die Set

TMD-059 $11.99
Scripty Mother's Day Die Set

TMD-131 $13.99
Scripty New Year Die Set

TMD-113 $9.99
Scripty Thanks Stand-Alone Die Set

TMD-039 $13.99
Scripty Wedding Day Die Set

TMD-132 $13.99
Seashell Cut & Foil Die Set

TMD-139 $14.99
Season's Bounty Cut & Foil Die Set

TMD-161 $13.99
Season's Greetings Script Cut & Foil Die Set

TMD-102 $15.99
Seasonal (Mini) Cup Decor & More Die Set

TMD-008 $24.99
Shimmering Sea Foil Die

TMD-137 $13.99
Shimmering Winds Foiling Die

TMD-151 $15.99
Simply Sentimental - Happy Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C161 $13.99
Simply Sentimental - Hello Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C160 $15.99
Simply Sentimental - Love Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C169 $16.99
Simply Sentimental - Thanks Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C162 $16.99
Simply Sentimental - You Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C159 $12.99
Slimline Envelope Builder Die Set

TMD-020 $36.50
Slimline Rainbow Builder Die Set

TMD-025 $34.99
Slimline Room Builder Die Set

TMD-032 $26.99
Slimline Skelly Die Set

TMD-087 $25.99
Slimline Stitched Strips Die Set

TMD-034 $24.99
Slimline Surprises Die Set

TMD-052 $24.99
Slimline Tags Die Set

TMD-109 $24.99
Snowglobe Card Die Set

TMD-177 $29.99
Snowman Border Builder Die Set

TMD-007 $16.99
Spooky Cut & Foil Die Set

TMD-156 $8.99
Spooky Scene Builder Slimline Die Set

TMD-157 $24.99
Star Trio Mini Slimline Panel Die

TMD-086 $14.99
Stitched Layers Stack Mini Slimline Die Set

TMD-075 $14.99
Stitched Swirling Winds Die

TMD-100 $10.99
Stuck Santa Die Set

TMD-105 $23.99
Sunset On The Sea Foil & Cut Die Set

TMD-150 $6.99
Sweet Holiday Wishes Die Set

TMD-046 $11.99
Swirly Birthday Sentiment Slimline Die

TMD-143 $12.99
Swirly Heart Die Set

TMD-184 $9.99
Tall Heart Trio Slimline Die

TMD-062 $24.99
Trini-TEA Cup Card Die Set

TMD-080 $29.99
Twist and Slide Slimline Die Set

TMD-053 $27.99
Vintage Tin Tile Hot Foil Plate Die

TMD-164 $27.99
We Wish You a Merry Christmas Die Set

TMD-047 $14.99
Wedded Couple Die

TMD-135 $13.99
Wide Heart Trio Slimline Die

TMD-061 $24.99
Wildflower Clippings Die Set

TMD-081 $23.99
Winter Tree - Cut & Foil die set

TMD-169 $14.99
Woven Mini Slimline Die

TMD-128 $15.99