Our Story

My name is Taniesa, and I am the owner and creative director of Trinity Stamps. We are based in a town just outside Seattle, Washington. I'm originally from California, but since relocating in 2015, I have fallen in love with the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.


I have been an artist and paper crafter for as long as I can remember. Starting a business manufacturing stamps and other craft items has always been a dream of mine. I have been so very blessed to work with such talented Illustrators. Creating our product is a team effort, and a lot of thought and love go into every design. I think you will love all of the wonderful things we have in the shop and the designs we have planned for the future.


Trinity Stamps is a small, family-run business. We believe in quality products and exceptional customer service. Every order means so much to my little company, so thank you for supporting us and helping Trinity Stamps grow!


When I was growing up, my grandparents owned a business called Trinity Plastics. They worked hard building up a company. They started in their garage and grew steadily to the point of handling million-dollar accounts in Silicon Valley. They put their whole heart into a business that honored God for over 35 years (They prayed over every order they received) and provided the best quality and customer service to those they did business with. This was something that I saw my entire life. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit as they did, and their example of business ownership showed me what kind of business owner I want to be. I hope that every day I am blessed to run Trinity Stamps I will display the legacy of my grandparents. Thank you, Gram and Papa, for showing (not just telling) me how to live a spirit-filled life, not just personally but professionally as well.


 I'm also very blessed to have amazing in-laws who believed in my dream so much that they helped kickstart the business with no strings attached. Without their support and the push forward they gave me, I am not sure I would have taken such a giant leap. I hope they are both proud of where I have taken this business, and I hope they know how much love and gratitude I have for them in my life.


I have been fortunate to have so many friends and family stand beside me and this company. Thank you to everyone who believed in me and helped me make my dream of Trinity Stamps a reality. I hope that our products can inspire people, young and old, to get a little inky and create something beautiful!