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Be Mine Confetti Embellishment Mix

TSB-367 $4.99
Happy Face Hearts Confetti Embellishment Mix

TSB-366 $4.99
Lily White Hearts Confetti Embellishment Mix

TSB-365 $4.99
Rose Red Hearts Confetti Embellishment Mix

TSB-364 $4.99
Powder Pink Hearts Confetti Embellishment Mix

TSB-363 $4.99
Brave Heart Crimped Edge Confetti Embellishment Mix

TSB-362 $4.99
Pretty Heart Crimped Edge Confetti Embellishment Mix

TSB-361 $4.99
Warm Heart Crimped Edge Confetti Embellishment Mix

TSB-360 $4.99
Pure Heart Crimped Edge Confetti Embellishment Mix

TSB-359 $4.99
Lucky Heart Crimped Edge Confetti Embellishment Mix

TSB-358 $4.99
Clover Cluster Flat Confetti Embellishment Mix

TSB-357 $4.99
Bitty Charms Flat Confetti Embellishment Mix

TSB-356 $4.99
Celebration Dots Flat Confetti Embellishment Mix

TSB-355 $4.99
Wrapped Candy Flat Confetti Embellishment Mix

TSB-353 $4.99
Shimmer Snowflakes Flat Confetti Embellishment Mix

TSB-352 $4.99
Shimmer Stars Flat Confetti Embellishment Mix

TSB-351 $4.99
Shimmer Hearts Flat Confetti Embellishment Mix

TSB-350 $4.99
White Dot Flat Confetti Embellishment Mix

TSB-349 $4.99
Cuppycake Clay Embellishment Mix

TSB-368 $4.99
Write On Clay Embellishment Mix

TSB-348 $4.99
Wishing Happiness Clay Embellishment Mix

TSB-347 $4.99
Good Fortune Clay Embellishment Mix

TSB-346 $4.99
Bokeh Stars Flat Confetti Embellishment Mix

TSB-345 $4.99
Bokeh Heart Flat Confetti Embellishment Mix

TSB-344 $4.99
Bokeh Dot Flat Confetti Embellishment Mix

TSB-343 $4.99
Glow Garden Embellishment Mix

TSB-342 $4.99
Sakura Blooms Cut & Foil Die Set

TMD-196 $15.99
Happy New Year Cut & Foil Die Set

TMD-195 $7.99
Art Deco Dance Foil Plate

TMD-194 $26.99
Mini Paper Lantern Die Set

TMD-192 $34.99
Black Dots Confetti Embellishment Mix

TSB-341 $4.99
Gold Dots Confetti Embellishment Mix

TSB-340 $4.99
Silver Dots Confetti Embellishment Mix

TSB-339 $4.99
Brushstroke Bunnies 3x4 Stamp Set

TPS-226 $8.99
Checkered Background: Hearts 6x6 Stencil Set of 2

TSS-061 $11.99
Checkered Background 6x6 Stencil

TSS-060 $6.99
Wheelie Cool Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C220 $16.99
Tweet Heart Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C219 $8.99
Sucker for you Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C218 $8.99
So RAMENtic Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C217 $8.99
Love Heart Cut & Foil Die Set

TMD-187 $14.99
Dainty Heart Die Set and Foil Plate

TMD-186 $12.99
Swirly Heart Die Set

TMD-184 $9.99
Mini Envelope Die Set

TMD-183 $26.99
Row of Hearts Die

TMD-182 $5.99
Racetrack Heart Die Set

TMD-181 $8.99
Wheelie Cool 4x6 Stamp Set

TPS-220 $15.99
Tweet Heart 3x4 Stamp Set

TPS-219 $8.99
Sucker For You 3x4 Stamp Set

TPS-218 $8.99
So RAMENtic 3x4 Stamp Set

TPS-217 $8.99
Santa Mug Die Set

TMD-180 $29.99
Snowglobe Card Die Set

TMD-177 $29.99
Polar Bear Pair Die Set

TMD-175 $11.99
Large Ornament Shaker Die Set

TMD-174 $11.99
Dainty Scallop Rectangles Die Set

TMD-173 $17.99
Dainty Scallop Circle Die Set

TMD-172 $17.99
Falling Snow Foiling Plate

TMD-171 $26.99
Ornament Trio - Cut & Foil die set

TMD-170 $14.99
Winter Tree - Cut & Foil die set

TMD-169 $14.99
Foiled Pine - Cut & Foil die set

TMD-168 $14.99
Big Bows Little Bows Foiling Die set

TMD-167 $23.99
Sparkle Season Coordiating Die Set

TMD-C216 $15.99
Simply Sentimental: Holidays Coordiating Die Set

TMD-C215 $22.00
Deck The Farm Coordiating Die Set

TMD-C214 $15.99
Frosty Cafe Coordiating Die

TMD-C213 $14.99
Polar Party Coordiating Die Set

TMD-C212 $10.99
Baking Spirits Bright Coordiating Die Set

TMD-C211 $9.99
Sweet Angel Coordiating Die Set

TMD-210 $9.99
Simply Sentimental - Holidays 4x8 Stamp Set

TPS-215 $18.99
Sparkle Season 4x6 Stamp Set

TPS-216 $15.99
Deck The Farm 4x6 Stamp Set

TPS-214 $15.99
Frosty Cafe 4x6 Stamp

TPS-213 $15.99
Polar Party 4x4 Stamp Set

TPS-212 $9.99
Baking Spirits Bright 3x4 Stamp Set

TPS-211 $7.99
Sweet Angel 3x4 Stamp Set

TPS-210 $7.99
Retro Diamond Pattern 6x9 Layering Stencil Set Of 3

TSS-059 $19.99
Foliage Flare 6x9 Layering Stencil Set Of 2

TSS-058 $14.99
Argyle Stitch Background Die

TMD-166 $24.99
A-7 Diamond Eyelet Background Die

TMD-165 $27.99
Vintage Tin Tile Hot Foil Plate Die

TMD-164 $27.99
Grateful Sentiment Die Set

TMD-163 $8.99
Large Branch Die

TMD-162 $12.99
Season's Bounty Cut & Foil Die Set

TMD-161 $13.99
Acorn Cluster Cut & Foil Die Set

TMD-160 $17.99
Ripe Pumpkin Cut & Foil Die Set

TMD-159 $24.99
Aster Blooms Cut & Foil Die Set

TMD-158 $21.99
Witches Brew Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C209 $9.99
Spookysaurus Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C208 $8.99
Thankful & Grateful Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C207 $8.99
Pumpkin Bouquet Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C206 $12.99
Gourd-geous Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C205 $16.99
Filled With Gratitude Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C204 $12.99
Harvest Blessings Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C203 $16.99
Harvest Blessings - 4x6 Stamp Set

TPS-203 $15.99
Filled With Gratitude - 4x6 Stamp Set

TPS-204 $15.99
Gourd-geous - 4x6 Stamp Set

TPS-205 $15.99
Pumpkin Bouquet - 4x4 Stamp Set

TPS-206 $9.99
Thankful & Grateful - 3x4 Stamp Set

TPS-207 $7.99
Spookysaurus - 3x4 Stamp Set

TPS-208 $7.99
Witches Brew - 3x4 Stamp Set

TPS-209 $7.99