Angel Policy

Trinity Stamps is honored that you choose to create with our products. We love seeing our customer’s creations! We also appreciate that you are considering using Trinity Stamps branded products in your creations for sale.

The following is Trinity Stamp Company’s Angel Policy.

Trinity Stamps products are for personal use only and may not be used in logos, advertisements, or any commercially-intended media. If you would like to use our copyrighted images and illustrations for handmade products for sale, here are the conditions that must be met:

    • All stamp impressions must be made by hand and no mechanical or other form of reproduction is permitted. No scanning or photocopying is permitted.
    • Quantities are limited to projects that are limited in scope, local in nature, and otherwise do not constitute an ongoing business. Handmade items including 50 hand-stamped impressions per stamp image, or less are permitted. Mass production is not allowed without express written consent.
    • Wherever possible, recognition will be given to Trinity Stamps Trademarks and Copyrights, and should be displayed when possible. Use of the Angel Policy stamp set and/or dies is encouraged, but not mandatory. We recommend using the back side of your card or project for this disclosure. To make things easier we have collaborated with a wonderful stamp company, Magnuson Custom Stamps, to provide three options you can purchase.
      • A personalized version can be found HERE
      • A cute logo version can be found HERE
      • A simple copyright stamp can be found HERE
    • Trinity Stamps is by no means legally liable for any handmade works done by you, the artist.
    • You may NOT distribute or sell hand stamped images for the purposes of crafting or in a craft kit without express permission from Trinity Stamps.

      By using our products in this way, you agree to the above terms. If you do not agree, you may not use our products for any product that is for profit.

      We are very proud and we truly appreciate that you enjoy our products enough that you want to share and sell them. We would love to see your beautiful creations as well! You can follow us on Instagram @TrinityStampsllc and use the hashtag #trinitystamps, or you can join our Facebook fan inspiration group, Trinity Stamps Imagination, Inspiration, and Conversation!

      If you have any questions, you are welcome to email and include ANGEL POLICY in the subject line.

      Thank you for respecting our trademarks and copyrights.