InkOn3 - Atelier Peacock Blue ~ Artist Grade Fusion Ink Pad

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Atelier - Artist Grade Inks -  (The Artist Workshop in one ink)

Atelier Artist Grade Fusion Ink Simplified: 

  • Artist Grade Quality
  • Specialty, Water Reactive, Fusion Ink, Acid-free and archival
  • Water coloring (remains bright even after dry)
  • Stamping, Blending, Embossing
  • Color Layering 
  • Artistic, Bright, Crisp Impressions,
  • Alcohol / Copic Marker friendly (air dry or heat set)
  • Full coverage on solid stamp images
  • Fun effects - After inking surface, spritz with water.
  • Buttery Smooth - Create beautiful blended backgrounds, using a blending tool or brush.
  • Blend over stencils.
  • Works on most paper surfaces.
  • Proudly Made in USA

What makes Atelier Artist Grade Fusion Ink So Amazing and Special?

  • Atelier inks have been developed with water coloring in mind, to work seamlessly with our Fadeout No Line Coloring Ink.  They are more in line with a high end watercolor paint, without the high end price. Plus, they stamp beautifully, can be used to create beautifully blended backgrounds are Alcohol / Copic Marker friendly (when dry or heat set) and so much more!
  • Atelier inks have a very buttery consistency, with a very high (color) pigment content, much in the same way high end eyeshadows have a high pigment content, better blend-ability and layering properties.
  • When you add water to Atelier for painting the color stays bright & pretty even after it dries, plus some beautiful undertones will emerge in your paintings, giving more artistic dimension & interest.
  • Atelier makes painting so much easier because you get that dark to light blend very easily, bringing out the artist in everyone.
  • It's a different way of using and thinking about ink.  We worked tirelessly on this concept and formulation for the better part of 2 years, as we wanted to make sure it was just right.
  • Atelier re-inkers have been designed to work in conjunction with with the ink pads.  They are not just re-inkers they are actually Watercolor / Re-inkers, giving you the ability to achieve an even deeper, darker tone of color, for those nooks and crannies when water coloring. *(shake well before using)
  • The entire Atelier Ink line is artist grade quality because of the way it is formulated and the ratio of (color) pigment it has.