Crafty Roast Clay Coffee Bean Embellishment Mix

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Polymer clay embellishment assortment contains approx. 1.5 tsp in a labeled plastic storage box.

Please keep away from children and pets.

Customer Reviews

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Shelley Landreth
Cute little beans!

I love to use these with coffee shaped or coffee themed cards/gift cards. And the fact that they come in different sizes is terrific! Even just several of the beans strategically placed really makes the cards stand out so much more. I agree with one review that mentioned how easy it is to add color to the beans to create darker roasted beans, or shadowed effects too. Would recommend this to any coffee lovers out there or anyone else that loves any of the different types of coffee themed cards available.

Rosa M. Vasquez
Caffeine Cuteness

I make a lot of coffee themed cards and these embellishments will really make them pop!

Paula Golladay
For the COFFEE lover in you or your life

The pieces are adorable, and truly look like a roasted bean, if you like a light roast. Should you like a darker roast you can add a bit of color with your favorite marker. The pieces easily stay in place using liquid adhesive. A few ideas, shaker cards, placed inside of a stamp image of a cup of coffee, confetti inside of your card, mixed media or scrap book project.s