Trinity Stamps Pickup Stick Tool

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This handy tool is double sided. One side has a white wax tip to aid in picking up small embellishments. The other is a pokey tool to help you release die cuts from the die, poke holes in paper, or whatever else you can think of.

Both ends have cap to keep everything neat and tidy. Pair this with a Trinity Tidy Tray (sold separately) to make embellishing your project (and cleaning up after) a breeze!

Replacement wax tips are available (sold separately). You can find the replacement tips HERE.

*** Please note that the pick up side (wax tip) of the tool is made of wax and not rubber. You should not need to use much pressure with this tip to grab an embellishment or die cut. Wax will crack if excessive force is used and it will melt if left around heat like an embossing tool. Please be careful when handling.***

Customer Reviews

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MaryAnn Samuelson
Like Lays potato chips you need more than 1

I purchased 1 of these and fell in love, lightweight yet substantial, well balanced in my hand. Then as happens my craft room moved it for me. So I purchased 2 more! I cannot craft without this now, it has replaced many tools like tweezers for peeling the paper off the double sided adhesive tape, sorting embellishments is a breeze.

Pick up tool

I haven't used this yet but I have seen it used in many videos by others and know it's a great tool (or I wouldn't have bought it).

Must have tool!

I have been wanting to buy a tool like this and finally broke down and purchased. I have been using it all the time. Love the weight of it. Only bugger is figuring out which end is which when I go to use it. I finally marked the end with the tacky side so I didn't have to keep guessing. :)

Nancee Purdum

This is the BEST tool for picking up sequins, jewels, and other small embellishments. I have had several other types, but none worked as well as this one. The others would sometimes drop the embellishment before I could place it, others I had trouble getting it off of the tool when placing my embellishment. I have not had a problem with the embellishment dropping or getting it off of the tool when placing my embellishment. I highly recommend this tool!

Susan Trigg
An Excellent Tool

Trinity was the first company to come out with this type of tool (wax on one end, pokey tool on the other) and I bought it right away. I haven’t had any problems with it and it’s very pretty. Some people have complained about the wax point, but this is because of user error. If you use it properly you get good results. And now they have replacement tips to solve any problems. I recommend this product!