Seasonal (Mini) Cup Decor & More Die Set

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This is an winter and holiday themed add-on die set to our very popular **Mini Coffee Cup Decor Die Set.  This 26-piece die set can be used both with our our original mini coffee cup set or use it completely on it's own, and not just for cup decorations either!

This die set contains pieces to make a mini cup sleeve that is more narrow than those found in our other die set plus two separate pieces to make that sleeve look like a scarf. Other pieces include an additional circle layer with a dotted border, a narrow stitched mini tag, two decorative snowflakes that fit within the circle pieces, two ornament toppers that turn the circle or other ornament tag shape into small ornaments, and parts and pieces to theme your mini cups (or other projects) into a snowman, penguin, Santa belly, or reindeer. So many different possibilities from this set and even more combined with our original Mini Coffee Cup Decor Die Set.

We also have two different Mini Coffee Cup crafting kits. Our original set containing 10 4-piece cup sets in white, which you can find HERE or our new set that is the same but instead has black lids and black stoppers. You can find that set HERE.

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** Please note this is the add-on die set we have created to work with our original mini cup sleeve and decor die set. Our original set has the full cup cover and wider sleeve dies. This seasonal add on die set CAN work on it's own, but you will get the most out of the seasonal set when used with the original Mini Cup Sleeve and Decor die set.