Picture Sentiments 4x8 Stamp and Coordinating Die Bundle

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This bundle includes the stamp and coordinating die set

These Items have been discontinued and will not be restocked.


"Picture Sentiments" is a 4x8 40-piece stamp set featuring 14 image stamps that when put together in different combinations forms picture puzzle versions of sentiments such as:

I will be praying for you (Owl + bee + Clasped Hands + #4 + Sheep "ewe")
I love you (eye + heart + ewe)
I believe in you (eye + Bee + leaf + Letter N+ Ewe)
Thank You (Fish Tank + Ewe)
I'll be Here for you ( Eye + Bee + Geotag + #4 + Ewe)
"Round of applause" (Clasped hands with three radiating marks on either side stamped multiple times in a circle pattern)
Thankful (Fish Tank + Full fuel gauge)
& more!

Stamp the actual sentiment with the included words on the outside or inside of your card.

What sentiments will you come up with? Look for add on picture phrases in the future to expand this versatile set further!

Images are all approx. 1.5" tall and the largest image is 1.35" wide

Illustrated by Christie Black for Trinity Stamps.