Mini Coffee Cup Sleeve and Decor Die Set

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This highly requested die set is finally here! Now you can decorate your own mini coffee cups for unique and adorable gifts. This die set contains all you need to decorate 4 oz mini coffee to-go cups. This 18-piece die set contains a background cup cover, a sleeve for the cup, layering circles, a mini tag, a cute little pumpkin and spice shaker, a paper layering coffee bean, and pieces to make your coffee cup into a little character. We also have a set of 10 4-piece cup refills available as well. Find the cup supplies HERE. How will you decorate your mini Coffee cup? See some other great coffee themed products HERE.

***Please note this is the original die set we have created with the full cup cover and wider sleeve dies. The seasonal add on die set can work on it's own, but you will get the most out of the seasonal set when used with this set as well. 


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