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2020 Trinity Mini Tag Collection Die Set

TMD-085 $15.99
4-Bar Card Die Set

TMD-017 $17.99
4-Bar Envelope Builder Die Set

TMD-119 $35.99
A Better Place 3x4 Stamp Set

TPS-023 $7.99
A Crafters Heart Clear Photopolymer 4x6 Stamp Set

TPS-031 $15.99
A Cup Of Positivi-TEA 3x4 Stamp Set

TPS-128 $7.99
A Cup of Positivi-Tea Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C128 $9.99
A Sentiment For (almost) Everything 4x8 Stamp Set

TPS-032 $18.99
A-2 Coverplate Die: Quilted Cover

TCP-002 $19.99
A-2 Foundations: Circle - 6x6" Laser Cut 4-piece Stencil Set

TSS-009 $19.99
A-2 Foundations: Ovals - 6x6" Laser Cut 4-piece Stencil Set

TSS-030 $19.99
A-2 Foundations: Rectangle - 6x6" Laser Cut 4-piece Stencil Set

TSS-008 $19.99
A-2 Foundations: Square - 6x6" Laser Cut 4-piece Stencil Set

TSS-031 $19.99
A-7 Envelope Builder Die Set

TMD-079 $45.99
A-7 Modern Embossed Layers Die Set

TMD-077 $27.99
A-7 Snowflake Frame Die Set

TMD-110 $28.99
A-7 Spring Birch Die

TMD-123 $29.99
Abracadabra 4x6 Stamp Set

TPS-120 $15.99
Abracadabra Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C120 $15.99
Adore 4x6 Stamp Set

TPS-091 $15.99
All Cracked Up 3x4 Stamp Set

TPS-116 $7.99
All Cracked Up Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C116 $8.99
Autumn Impressions 4x6 Stamp Set

TPS-145 $15.99
Autumn Impressions Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C145 $18.99
Autumn Rainbow 4x4 Stamp Set

TPS-076 $9.99
Autumn Tree - 6x6" Laser Cut 2-piece Layering Stencil Set

TSS-002 $11.99
Awesome Human 3x4 Stamp Set

TPS-024 $7.99
Balancing Acts 4x4 Stamp Set

TPS-118 $9.99
Balancing Acts Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C118 $11.99
Beautiful Breeze 4x8 Stamp Set

TPS-148 $18.99
Beautiful Breeze Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C148 $15.99
Bed Of Roses - 6x9" Laser Cut 2-piece Layering Stencil Set

TSS-032 $14.99
Best Place To Be 4x6 Stamp Set

TPS-106 $15.99
Best Place To Be Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C106 $16.99
Best Tea Party 4x6 Stamp Set

TPS-130 $15.99
Best-Tea Party Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C130 $16.99
Big & Bold Sentiments 6x8 Stamp Set

TPS-137 $23.99
Big Bows Little Bows 4x6 Stamp Set

TPS-156 $15.99
Big Bows Little Bows Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C156 $16.99
Blessing Bear 3x4 Stamp Set

TPS-077 $7.99
Blessing Bear Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C77 $8.99
Bloom & Grow 3x4 Stamp Set

TPS-179 $7.99
Bloom & Grow Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C179 $9.99
Blooming Bunch 4x6 Stamp Set

TPS-061 $15.99
Blooming Bunch Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C59 $16.99
Blooming Circle Window Cut Out Die

TMD-129 $8.99
Bon Bon Box 4x4 Stamp set

TPS-172 $9.99
Bon Bon Box Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C172 $9.99
Boo Brew Die Set

TMD-088 $18.99
Bottle Gift Tag Die Set

TMD-114 $21.99
Bright Side 3x4 Stamp Set

TPS-057 $7.99
Bright Side Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C55 $8.99
Build A Big Top Die Set

TMD-067 $14.50
Bunch of Balloons Stand-Alone Die Set

TMD-029 $19.99
Bunch of Bows Die Set

TMD-041 $5.50
Bunny Burrow 4x6 Stamp Set

TPS-060 $15.99
Bunny Burrow Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C58 $18.99
Bunting and Lights - 6x9" Laser Cut 2-piece Layering Stencil Set

TSS-027 $14.99
Cafe Cup Cutout Die

TMD-097 $8.99
Cake and Candles 6x9 Stencil

TSS-041 $8.99
Candy Jar 4x6 Stamp Set

844669 $15.99
Candy Jar Coordinating Die Set

939551 $19.99
Catching Some Rays - 6x6" Laser Cut 2-piece Layering Stencil Set

461991 $11.99
Center Stage Interactive Add-On Die Set

TMD-091 $33.99
Center Stage Slimline Die Set

TMD-066 $35.99
Cheers Die Set

TMD-112 $22.99
Christmas Cowlers 4x4 Stamp Set

TPS-154 $9.99
Christmas Cowlers Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C154 $8.99
Christmas Tree Cut Out Die

TMD-115 $10.99
Circus Bear 3x4 Stamp Set

TPS-121 $7.99
Circus Bear Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C121 $9.99
City Lights Slimline Layering Stencil Set

TSS-048 $14.99
Coffee Cozy Hand-Stitching Die Set

TMD-042 $25.50
Coffee Mug Card Die Set

TMD-002 $29.99
Comfort and Joy 3x4 Stamp Set

TPS-095 $7.99
Comfort and Joy Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C95 $7.99
ConGRADulations Die Set

TMD-134 $10.99
Cozy Bear 4x8 Stamp Set

TPS-073 $18.99
Cozy Bear Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C73 $18.99
Cozy Bear Sweet Shop 4x8 Stamp Set

TPS-168 $18.99
Cozy Bear Sweet Shop Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C168 $15.99
Cozy Christmas Cottage 4x8 Stamp Set

TPS-087 $18.99
Cozy Christmas Cottage Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C87 $19.99
Cozy Cottage Kitchen 4x8 Stamp Set

TPS-088 $18.99
Cozy Cottage Kitchen Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C88 $19.99
Cozy Cottage Porch 4x11 Stamp Set

TPS-136 $23.99
Cozy Cottage Porch Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C136 $24.99
Crater Layers - 6x6" Laser Cut Layering Stencil Set

TSS-012 $5.99
Creativi-TEA 3x4 stamp set

TPS-125 $7.99
Creativi-Tea Coordinating Die Set

TMD-C125 $10.99
Creepy Cocktails Die Set

TMD-090 $12.99
Curtain Call - 6x9" Laser Cut 3-piece Layering Stencil Set

TSS-036 $17.99
Curtain Call Coordinating Die Set

TSS-C036 $7.99
Cut & Foil Autumn Rainbow Die Set

TMD-096 $18.99
Cut & Foil Big Celebrate Die Set

TMD-084 $21.99
Cut & Foil Big Hello Die Set

TMD-083 $21.99
Cut & Foil Big Joy Die Set

TMD-101 $11.99
Cut & Foil Big Snowflake Die Set

TMD-108 $24.99
Cut & Foil Big Thanks Die Set

TMD-082 $21.99
Cut & Foil Coffee Die Set

TMD-098 $22.99