4x11 Perfect Pockets - Storage Sleeves for Slimline Stamps, Dies, and more

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These little pockets are perfect to store your slimline sized products such as 4x11 stamps, and slimline dies, Sticker Strips, slimline card bases and envelopes, projects in process, 4x9 stencils, Cut cardstock, and more

Our pockets are a thick 10mil and feature a scoop notch at the top to access your item quickly and quickly put your item away.

Each pocket measures approx 4.75" x 11.7" and a package contains 10 perfect pockets.

Trinity Stamps Perfect Pockets are available in 6 different sizes and are exclusive to the Trinity Stamps Shop

Customer Reviews

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I cant believe I found these. I haven’t figured out how to store my slimlines. What I’ve been doing is having them in a 3 ring binder on 8x10 magnets. Well this was great until the folder started getting so heavy I could barely lift it. I haven’t liked the other envelopes I’ve seen. Then I found this and ordered only one set just to test it out. THIS…IS….PERFECT! The quality is nice and heavy and thick (those others rip so easily). These will not rip! And the best part is NO FLAP! I cant stand those flaps. This is so easy and good quality I’m going to be ordering more! And in different sizes.

The Best!

This was the first time I ordered storage bags from Trinity Stamps. I know I’ll be back to purchase more. I searched for tall slim bags, and these were the only ones I found in this size. Best of all quality is wonderful. I’ll be using them for more than stamps. I can see multiple uses for other craft supplies. Outside of crafting I’m going to use some for important document storage, and I’m sure I’ll find other uses as time goes on. I will likely be purchasing other sizes too. Highly recommend.

Love these

My only regret…why did I only buy 1! I wanted to try these to make sure they worked well with my slimline stamps and stencils. These are well made of a heavy duty plastic and were perfect for the intended use. I will be buying more for sure. I have sets of stamps, dies and stencils that all match but didn’t like keeping them in the original packaging because the sides would split. They all fit into these sleeves together. Very happy I purchased.